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steiger. seriously, he's like mr. clean and that chick from the old navy commercial love child. enough about q-bo. although the ex-couple sat on opposite sides of the arena, all eyes were on them, including the lakers because they played like crap. thanks, moby's gay uncle. >> have a good night, man. >> what's up, ken? >> how is it going, bud. >> ken paige leaving m cafe if beverly hills. i caught up with him, what's the most sought after hairstyle people request. >> the bob from bonnie and clyde. >> i know what the all time one is. >> you're going to say jennifer aniston. >> no, farrah fawcett. >> really? >> all time. >> even i've asked for the farrah fawcett. >> speaking of hair -- >> which decade do you think had the worst hairstyle? >> he's going to say the porn star look of the 1970's. >> he says, i think the worst hairstyles would be the 1970's for me. >> we should have asked him about joe simpson. >> oh, yeah! classic. >> that would have been awesome. >> did you do joe simpson's hair? >> did you do joe simpson? >> we appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck. >> coming
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1